The planning group for the commemorations would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have given their support by donating the large metal poppies, by making the hand crafted tribute, by knitting poppies, by offering old photos of Middleton and by contributing in so many other ways.

Special thanks go to the Middleton Parish Pit Charity for their funding and to Middleton Aggregates who kindly donated £200

Poppy Pattern

  • Cast on 60 sts using 4mm needles and DK red yarn.
  • Rows 1-8 (K2,P2) to end Row 9 (K2tog) to end.
  • [30 sts] Row 10 (S2kpo) to end.
  • [10 sts] Break off yarn, leaving a long tail.
  • Thread tail through remaining 10 sts and pull tight, then fasten off yarn.
  • Join the edges of the poppy together and in the centre either sew on a black button or a black knitted pom-pom.

The First World War ended one hundred years ago on 11 November 1918. Peace at last after a long and brutal conflict. Estimates vary, but the war resulted in about 20 million deaths and 21 million wounded. Of those killed, roughly half were military personnel and half were civilians. In the United Kingdom, about 6 million men were mobilised, of whom just over 700,000 were to lose their lives. Middleton is commemorating the end of the war, and paying tribute to the men from this Parish who were killed, with an exhibition and other events over the weekend of 10 and 11 November. Everyone is invited to come along and share in the commemorations.


  • In the lead up to the commemorations, a number of large metal poppies will be placed at key points around the village.
  • An exhibition of World War 1 artefacts, as well as photos of some of the local men who were killed and photos of the Middleton they knew, will be open in St Mary’s Church from 10.00am to 4pm on 10 and 11 November. Refreshments will be available. If you have any World War 1 family memorabilia or other items that you would be happy to see displayed at the exhibition, please get in touch as soon as possible.
  • There will be an unveiling of a hand crafted tribute to the men of the parish who lost their lives in the war.
  • The Remembrance Day Service will take place at Middleton Church at 10:45am on Sunday, 11 November. The church will be specially decorated for the occasion. After the service there will be a brief planting ceremony for a memorial tree in the grounds of the church, together with a commemorative plaque. [Please note that there will be a rehearsal for the Remembrance Day Service at 2pm on 10th November at Middleton Church.]
  •  The commemoration weekend will end with the lighting of the beacon at the Village Hall at 6.55pm, then the ringing of the church bell as part of a nationwide event.


We are extremely grateful to those of you who have been kindly knitting poppies to be used for our display in Middleton Church on 10 & 11 November. Please can we ask that any completed poppies be delivered to either Janet Eason, Welbrook, Wormegay Road (01553 841514) or Ali South, Fornside, Setch Road (01553 841267) by Monday 15 October.

Exhibition Items: If you have any World War 1 family memorabilia or other items, such as old photographs of Middleton taken during or just before the war years, that you would be happy to see displayed at the exhibition, please get in touch.

Business Support: If you think that your business would be able to help with any of the practicalities of the commemorations, such as printing items for display at the exhibition, floral decorations or assistance with preparing the ground for tree planting, or would be willing to provide financial support, please get in touch.